Firewood Scheme

In December 2009, it was agreed that we should sell firewood to raise funds for our activities. The idea is that local people who need to fell trees for various reasons (we don't encourage it!) are asked to donate the wood. The scheme was given a major boost when one of our local landowners offered the group a huge oak tree that had to be felled. Most of this wood was too good to burn, so a mobile saw-mill was brought in to process it, turning it into timber for floorboards, tables, benches, raised beds and many other items. This made a surplus of a few thousand pounds. The following year, Kirtlington Park Estate donated a large chestnut, recent arrivals to the village donated a lot of wood cleared from their extensive garden and the Parish Council also generously donated some excellent beech that had been severely damaged in an arson attack. The project is still evolving. It has begun to involve the Youth Club, which is paid a small sum in return for help from some of its older members in pulling down trees and stacking wood. Many villagers volunteer their labour, while a professional woodsman is paid to deliver the wood, again with help from the Youth Club. In the winter of 2012/13, twice as much wood was sold as in the previous year: it was all sold out in December and the project made a profit of almost £1500.

A young volunteer chopping wood

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