After the initial series of informative talks and films, SK has concentrated on three main areas: 1. raising awareness of energy-saving; 2. energy-generation; and 3. working with the primary school.

A select group outside the village shop on the eve of the Copenhagen summit

Fund-raising Since the early spring of 2009 we have engaged in a number of fund-raising efforts to support our activities. The most important of these at present is our successful log-selling business. For details of the scheme see the Firewood Scheme page. We have been fortunate to receive small grants from the Oxfordshire Community Fund Grassroots Grants scheme, from Naturesave and CAGs (Community Action Groups, Oxford). We have also benefitted from the involvement of many of our fellow villagers in practical actions, preparing the river for the hydro scheme and the tree for processing. Local companies and individuals have supported us by offering their services on a voluntary basis or at cost. Reports on our activities are published in each issue of the Village News and all meetings are advertised on posters round the village. Our most ambitious project to date is the hydro scheme on the River Cherwell. In the spring of 2011 we initiated a group buying scheme for photo-voltaic panels in the immediate area, including Kidlington and Woodstock. Details of both schemes may be found on the Making Energy page.    

Party at Flights Mill, August 2010, to present the project to the village and raise funds

Cycle-powered smoothies at the Kirtlington fete 2011. Bike loaned by Oxfordshire Community Action Groups


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